6 benefits of keto diet – reasons to start it right now

Why should we keep a keto carb diet with a limited amount of carbs and giving up sugar? There are many potential benefits of keto diet for people of any age. Here are some of the main.

Weight loss

Cutting carbs usually causes weight loss, without feeling hungry. Modern research confirms that this approach is more effective than other diets. And this is one of the benefits of keto diet.

It is no coincidence that the rejection of carbohydrates, such as sugar and bread, has a significant impact on weight loss. Carbs, more than other products, stimulate the release of the insulin hormone. It is the main hormone that controls fat accumulation.

This means that in order to lose excess fat, your main goal should be to reduce insulin levels. To achieve this, the first and most important is to consume fewer carbohydrates. For many people, it is enough to simply change their diet to lose weight.

weight loss among the benefits of keto diet

How it works

Weight loss is often seen as a matter of counting calories – eat less, burn more and lose weight. This is true only in theory. Food is much more than just calories. Some foods (usually low in carbs) make you feel full long enough. Other products (for example, carbonated drinks) on the contrary only cause appetite and hunger.

The basic idea of low carb diets, keto diet in particular, is cooperation with your body, not fighting. Instead of wasting time and trying willpower, getting exhausted at training and starving, we make the body want to eat less and burn more fat.

Get rid of acne

Many people experience improved skin condition when using a low-carb diet. This is one of the main benefits of keto diet for women.

This may be due to changes in hormone levels such as insulin (decrease) or growth hormone (increase).

To get rid of acne, it is best to use a low-carb diet, while avoiding dairy products.

main keto diet benefits

Improve physical fitness and endurance

The keto diet can significantly increase your physical endurance by giving you constant access to energy from your fat stores.

Stocks of carbohydrates stored in the body (glycogen) are sufficient only for a few hours of intensive training. But fat stores contain enough energy to allow you to survive for weeks or even months.

Increased efficiency and active lifestyle


Although keeping a low-carb and high-fat diet abilities in short-term physical activity are often reduced (e.g. sprint are less effective), there are many benefits regarding endurance and long-term.

Fat reserves in the body are huge and much more than the tiny reserves of glycogen. This means that when an athlete moves to burning fat instead of carbs, he is able to engage in longer without the need for additional nutrition.

This eliminates the need to activate the athlete’s gastrointestinal organs during exercise. Instead, a large amount of blood flow can be directed into the muscles. It also minimizes the risk of stomach problems with increasing activity.

Epilepsy control and treatment

The most significant thing about benefits of keto diet is that it is the medically proven method of treating epilepsy. It has been used since the 1920s. It is mainly used for children with uncontrolled epilepsy despite taking medication.

Recently it has also been successfully tested on adults with epilepsy, also with good results. There are many studies proving how effective a keto diet is for relieving seizures.

Effect on ADHD symptoms

medical benefits of keto diet

There are other medical benefits of keto diet. Treating the symptoms go ADHD is one of them. Do children become hyperactive by consuming too much sugar and junk food? Can this lifestyle lead to the development of ADHD?

A large number of parents believe in it, but some experts say that it is a myth. It is too early to say for sure – science has not yet answered this question definitively.

Studies published in 2011 have clearly shown that changing diet (including limiting the amount of sugar and processed foods) reduces symptoms in most children with ADHD.

There are scientists who believe that ADHD symptoms are similar to withdrawal symptoms and therefore may occur when a child is addicted to unhealthy food / sugar. If you remove such food, the problem will be overcome.

Another possible explanation is that large amounts of processed carbs can cause large fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Because blood sugar levels drop dramatically (an hour or two after a meal), the body can release stress hormones such as adrenaline to avoid too low sugar level. This may cause symptoms associated with ADHD. Giving up processed carbohydrates can stabilize blood sugar levels and thus help to avoid this pro

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