How to give up sugar and why should we do it. Life without sugar – myth or reality?

We all know that sugar is bad for health, but most of us have only a vague idea why this is so. It may seem that to give up sugar forever – too difficult, but in fact it is quite real. And you can easily live without it keeping no sugar diet. The truth is that we need a lot less sugar than we normally consume. In the daily diet we have enough sugars obtained, for example, when eating fruits and vegetables.

How to give up sugar?

Under the word “sugar” in this article we mean industrial white sugar (as well as brown, cane, including those that marketers call “best” or “healthy” varieties). Fruits are not included in this concept, although their consumption should also be limited.

It’s all just in the head

Patterns and eating habits are  the things that make it’s difficult to give up sugar. They are mostly formed in childhood and teenhood. We have such a culture – on the occasion of birthdays, holidays and significant events we wish each other “happiness and health”, and give a box of chocolates. In addition, all this happens, as a rule, at the festive table, and an obligatory stage of this gastronomic program are sweets, cakes and cookies. Will it really make us healthier?

why it is hard to give up sugar and to quit sugar

It is known that you need to eat a little chocolate to cheer up, and a box of cookies with tea is the best way to get rid of autumn blues. But should our lives depend on food? Do we want a good day to be determined by the cake? Is it a happy life? Don’t you think that identifying happiness and good mood with sweets is wrong?

This is just an image of sweetness, created in childhood, which marketers actively support. It seems that the goodies perfectly complement the afternoon coffee, meetings with friends, parties or birthdays.

Meanwhile, if you look at the candy objectively, you will see that they are actually nothing unusual and magic.

What are sugar and sweets in fact

White sugar in industry is made from sugar beet or sugar cane. It is deprived of all the nutrients contained in these plants, so it does not benefit the body. In addition, it is cleaned and chemically bleached, and anti-adhesive substances are added to it, all these also does not add health. The only advantage is the sweet taste that we love.

As for sweets, which many of us associate with something positive, whether it is a promotion or a holiday, it is nothing but a mix of sugars (or, even worse, glucose-fructose syrup), trans fats, or processed fats, artificial colors, preservatives, salt, white flour and other substances that absolutely have nothing natural. This is not what we need to nourish the body. The situation is the same with sweet drinks, pastries and similar “sugar-chemical delicacies.”

Give up sugar – why it’s worth it

There is a lot of researches about the dangers of sugar. Why should we give up sugar at all and keep no sugar diet?

  • Sugar causes obesity

It’s pretty obvious. Together with sweets you get a lot of sugar, and this lead to excess weight. In addition, even thin people may have problems and have a round bulging belly if they consume a lot of sugar. A beautiful and flat tummy is almost impossible with eating sweets. So if you want to be in shape it’s better to keep no sugar diet.

give up sugar benefits

  • Sugar is addictive

There is a lot of research about how sugar affects on our brain. First, sugar activates the brain’s reward center, tricking it into thinking sugar is good, and we’ll feel good after it. The brain gets used to the constant stimulating of these centers as a result of eating sweets on a regular basis, so without it we feel sluggish and on the contrary, if we eat something sweet, then there is a surge of strength.

  • Sugar has a negative effect on our brain

In addition to being addictive, sugar increases the risk of depression, sleep disorders and stress. Sugar also affects our concentration and ability to remember.

  • Sugar contributes to the tumor formation and development

The relationship between sugar and cancer is based on three factors: hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia and chronic inflammation, which is the result of two previous processes.

Hyperglycemia, is an elevated blood glucose level above values that are considered normal. This happens in people with diabetes, people with insulin resistance and prediabetes. This may also be a consequence of the consumption of foods with a high glycemic index rich in sugar.

When the body contains excessive amounts of glucose, it binds to proteins and fats that build our cells and DNA – this is called the glycation process. This leads to their damage, prevents normal functioning and increases oxidative processes in the body, and these processes, in their turn, contribute to the formation of cancer.

  • Sugar increases the risk of circulatory system diseases

give up sugar benefits and how to quit sugar

Sugar increases blood pressure, which is especially dangerous for people suffering from hypertension. It also affects the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Sugar significantly increases the amount of harmful fats in the blood, including triglycerides and cholesterol.

The huge amount of consumed sugar also increases the genetic effects of obesity, which increases the risk of heart disease.

  • Sugar disrupts the body’s hormonal balance

This is directly related to diabetes and insulin production. As a result of his actions, the level of sugar in the body drops rapidly, and the glands secrete adrenaline and cortisol. Thus, sugar disrupts the glands that secrete hormones, which can lead to a violation of their regulation, diabetes, problems with fertility and menstruation.

give up sugar - why sugar is dangerous

And moreover sugar:

  • causes tooth decay and weakens bones
  • may contribute to ADHD in children
  • may cause headache, fatigue, weakness
  • weakens the body’s immune system

Thus to avoid this problems people should give up sugar or at least eat it less.

How to do quit sugar?

how to give up sugar and why should we do it

  1. The basis to give up sugar is a change of mindset – read again what sugar and sweets are, and remember this when you want to eat something sweet. Ask yourself – is it worth it? Is that what I want to give to my body?
  2. To give up sugar you should agree with yourself that you will not eat sweets and will not drink sweet drinks, that you will try to keep no sugar diet. It is not only about sweets, but also about bread, ketchup, ready meals, sausages, powder sauces, mayonnaise and many other products – you should carefully read the composition of the products.
  3. When you give up sugar tell the others about your decision so that they support you and did not give sweets.
  4. Get rid of all the sweets, drinks and white sugar in the house to give up sugar. Stop buying them in shops.
  5. Preparing sweets at home help to give up sugar very much. On the Internet, including our website, you will find many recipes for cakespuddings and other desserts without sugar. They are also tasty, sweet and healthy so the make it more easy and pleasant to quit sugar.
  6. Always have at hand an alternative to avoid breakdown when you give up sugar: nuts, coconut milk, etc.

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