How to start keto-diet

So, you’ve decided to lose weight. And have chosen keto-diet as a tool. Your will and courage are strong are steadfast. But where to send it? How avoid mistakes and make the process easy and pleasant when start Keto-diet?

Before starting you need to plan everything. This means to have ready diet plan. What you eat determine how quickly you get into ketosis. The more you limit the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, the faster you will enter ketosis.

You must keep restricting carbohydrates during all the diet. And they should be consumed mainly from vegetables, nuts and dairy products. Do not eat refined carbohydrates. Such as wheat (bread, pasta, cereals), starch (potatoes, beans, legumes) or fruits. And many other products that you can see in the special list. There is a small exception – avocados, carambola and berries that are allowed in moderation.

Try to remember the main rule that keto is a high-fat diet. There is moderate protein amount and a very low carbohydrate amount. In a word, the nutrients balance on a keto-diet is about 70% of fat, 25% of proteins and 5% of carbohydrates.

keto products adaptation

Adaptation as the keto-diet start

At the beginning you should realize that there is a period of adaptation that can be unpleasant. The length of time is individual. But it is better to be mentally ready for at least two weeks. Don’t be afraid, in most cases it takes less time.

Unfortunately, without this period, you will not see the advantages of keto-diet. There can be weakness and headache. They are the most popular symptoms. Learn more about adaptation period and keto-flu here .

The good news is that some people get over this period really easy. Maybe exactly you that lucky one who among them! Besides, after adaptation, you feel great. And probably don’t want to eat as much as before and the same carb-containing products as before.

There are two established ways to start keto-diet. To avoid unpleasant effects, you can choose more gradual. But if you feel strong enough, you can start with the quick one.

Quick keto-diet start

At first make a meal plan for the week. Buy and use in cooking only allowed products according to the list. Remove from the kitchen or throw away those ones that are excluded. Do not be afraid to make food greasy! Eat enough and do not reduce calories. You must get fed. The goal when you start keto-diet is to adapt to fat as a source of energy.

If you are very hungry and you don’t have the right food at hand, drink water and try to take the mind off. The feeling of hunger is temporary.

After two weeks or less if you feel ready, begin to reduce the amount of food. Count the calories in order to lose weight.

Gradual success

This way to start keto-diet is not popular as it is long enough. But it is perfect for those who want to minimalize the stress. Also, it is good for people who used to eat the incredible amount of carbs.

Remove sugar from the house as well as everything that contains it. This refers to sugar in the form of white powder and indicated in the composition of products. It is important to reduce the sweeteners and fructose too. Because they will not let you get rid of sweets.

For the same two weekseat any food that does not contain sugar. Read the composition of the products. Do not add sugar to drinks or food. Drink more water.

After two weeks without sugar, you will realize that food turns out to be delicious without it. The desire to eat chocolate or chips will not be so strong. Now resolve to get rid of the remaining carb sources. The next two weeks spend on a fully low-carb diet like in the previous described way.

But of course, you still can cut the carbs to the necessary amount when start keto-diet in your own way if it’s seems to be more comfortable. After all, you’re the best “doctor” for yourself. And this is the third way.

avoid carbs

Common recommendations to start keto-diet

Add coconut oil to your diet. You can start with one teaspoon in the morning every day. Аnd within a week walk up to 3 teaspoons. It contains MCT, which are very easily absorbed by the body and immediately processed into ketones. It is an excellent source of fast energy.

Take advantages of sport. According to the researches regular exercise increase ketosis, especially that is done before eating. You don’t have to do hard workouts. Regular morning exercises or middle-distance walks are enough.

Protein consumption. They recommend 1 g of protein per 1 kg of the desired weight. You shouldn’t overestimate this value. As this leads to excessive glucose production from protein and bring you out of ketosis.

And as usual – more water!


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