Easy and effective keto weight loss

For more than 150 there have appear an infinite number of diets for weight loss, based on the consumption of fewer carbohydrates. The new thing is that many modern scientific studies have proven that keto weight loss is the most effective.

Of course, you can still lose weight on any diet – just consume less calories than you spend, right? The problem with this simple diet system is that it ignores a very important factor: hunger. Most people don’t want to “just eat less” and be hungry all the time. Hungry diets for masochists. Sooner or later, a normal person will give up everything and break the diet, which will lead to the so-called “yo-yo effect”.

The main advantage of low-carb diets is that it does not cause hunger. Sugar and starch can increase hunger, and cutting them in the diet can help to control appetite. This weight you can get good keto weight loss results.

Eat when hungry

Don’t be hungry. The most common mistake in the beginning of the keto diet: reducing the consumption of carbohydrates with the simultaneous rejection of the fat to cut to eat less calories. Carbohydrates and fats are the two main sources of energy in the body, and we need at least one of them.

Simultaneous rejection of carbohydrates and fats leads to hunger, increased appetite and fatigue. Sooner or later people do not stand and give up. Therefore, you need to eat more natural fat, for example:

Butter, heavy cream, olive oil, fatty meat, fatty fish, bacon, eggs.

how to get effective keto weight loss

Don not overeat

Unfortunately, the phrase “eat when you are hungry as much as you need” is often taken as a call to daily feasting. Feeling that there are no restrictions, many people, especially those who used to keep a hungry diet, begin to eat too much.

No need to eat if you are not hungry. Nothing slows down keto weight loss more than an overabundance of food you don’t need. Stop snacking unnecessarily.

Track your progress wisely

Keto weight loss tracking is sometimes harder than it sounds. Weight fixation and daily measurements of kilograms on the scales can be misleading, cause unnecessary anxiety and undermine motivation for no reason.

Weight is not always an objective measure of progress. You can lose fat – but the scales also measure your muscles, bones, and internal organs.

how to lose weight on keto diet - effective keto weight loss

Be persistent

Fat weight gain takes years. So is it fair to force your body to lose weight in a week? Trying to lose everything as quickly as possible rarely produces good results in the long run, it is a direct path to the “yo-yo effect”.

In addition, the more weight you have, the harder and slower you lose it.

Avoid eating fruit


This advice is controversial, because the fruits today are given almost magical properties that improve health. People want to believe that fruits are healthy and nutritious, but unfortunately they contain a lot of sugar – about 10% of the weight (the rest is mostly water).

Five servings of fruit a day is equivalent to the amount of sugar in a half-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. Despite the popular belief that this is something completely different, the composition of sugars in fruits is almost identical to the composition of sweets.

Sugar from fruits can disrupt fat burning, increase hunger and slow down keto weight loss. For best results avoid fruits or enjoy it occasionally.

why I can't get keto weight loss

Avoid beer

Beer contains fast-digesting carbohydrates that slow down fat burning. No wonder it is sometimes called “liquid bread”.

While keto weight loss it is better to use dry wine or strong and not sweet drinks, such as vodka or cognac. These drinks are almost sugar / carb free so they are better than beer. However, a large amount of alcohol can slow down keto weight loss a bit, and this is one more reason that moderation in alcohol is a good idea.

Less stress, more sleep

Stress and lack of sleep adversely affect keto weight loss. Chronic stress can increase the level of stress hormones such as cortisol. This can lead to increased hunger and weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you should look for possible solutions to reduce or effectively overcome the stress in your life.

You should also try to sleep enough hours, preferably every night. If you are a person who is always “pulled out of bed” and not allowed to sleep, you will never be able to give your body the necessary amount of rest.

One way to fight lack of sleep is to go to bed early enough that your body wakes up before you turn off the alarm.

sleep for keto weight loss

Here are five more tips on how to get enough sleep:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night. Thus, the body will get used to the new rhythm and help you fall asleep.
  • Do not drink coffee after 2 PM.
  • Give up exercise four hours before bedtime.
  • Before going to bed, make sure that the bedroom is dark and fresh. The temperature should be slightly lower than which you are in during the day.

Body exercises

Now you will read the terrible truth – in terms of getting rid of excess kilograms, including keto weight loss, exercises matter is overrated.

Simply going up stairs instead of using the lift or getting off the bus at one stop before are not be able to change your weight or bodyshape. Studies show that you need to engage in heavy intensive training for an hour every day to lose weight. How many people are ready for this?

There are more important things you should do first for keto lose weight. Doing sports without changing your diet is like going down a going up escalator. You go forward, but stand one place at the same time. Exercise can not compensate wrong diet and habits.

However, with proper nutrition, increased activity will accelerate keto weight loss. From the first step you will burn more fat. You can walk, ride a bike, dance or engage in any sport.

Exercise also burns glycogen stores in the body. This means that after training you can consume a little more carbohydrates than you can afford with a low-activity lifestyle, without having a negative impact on insulin level and keto weight loss.

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