Reasons of not losing weight on keto diet – mistakes and how to deal with it

Everybody who have ever kept a diet, had the situation when the weight stays. And it seems there is no reason for it. There appears the question “What am I doing wrong?!” The topic is always relevant for diet keepers. And unfortunately, there are also some people who are not losing weight on keto diet. But there are always reasons for it! What are they and what to do in such situations?

Carbs on keto-diet

Too much carbs is the most popular reason of not losing weight on keto diet. As very often people underestimate the carbs amount, they consume. This is either about beginners and proficient men.

There is a common mistake to count PFC in percentage. This should be done only in grams.

Another mistake is not using kitchen scales to measure the products for some reasons. Like forgetting or thinking they are experienced enough to estimate the amount just looking at it.

Sometimes people on a diet simply forget to add the food to the calculator. And it makes the right PFC counting harder. As a result they can overeat carbs and not losing weight on keto diet.

Counting carbs is important because even allowed products contain carbs. And eating them in too big portions make a man overtake the carbs. Thus he is not losing weight on keto-diet.

Vegetables. Even if it is allowed vegetables, they still contain from 3 to 6% carbohydrates. Eating vegetable garnish twice a day along with regular salads can lead to overtaking carbs. This way the carb amount can reaches 30-40 gr. That seems to be not a very bad thing. But in fact it easily brings you beyond limits. And the result is not losing weight on keto diet.

too many vegetabes on keto diet leads to not losing weight on keto diet

Nuts. They can contain from 3% (walnut) to 27% (cashew) carbohydrates. Be careful with them.

Low-carb baking. You bake too many sweet keto pastries. It is permissible to use sweetener. But we need to move away from the big quantity of sweets on keto. This can cause significant insulin increasing.

There can be added sugar and starch in a variety of harmless – looking products. Such as ready-made sauces, meat products. This includes sausages, soft cheeses, canned food, low-fat cottage cheese, etc.

Drugs. Some medications contain sugar, which amount can be really incredible.

Dairy products. Sensitivness of different people to dairy products can be very different. And the problem is not only in milk sugar — lactose — which most dairy products have. But the matter is also in the body’s insulin response to milk protein. If you not losing weight on keto diet, try to remove dairy products. Make the experiment for a couple of weeks.

That is why people who keep keto-diet should count the carbs carefully, it is one of the most important things.


All people are different and everyone needs their own amount of protein on keto diet. You should monitor the protein amount in general nutrition as well as do it with carbs. Because if you consume too much protein, the body start the process of gluconeogenesis. This eventually leads to protein’s turn into glucose and prevent ketosis. In this case people are also not losing weight on keto diet.


happy woman overeats how to deal with overeating and not losing weight on keto diet

Despite rejection of strict calories accounting, people should not constantly overeat. Sometimes it is necessary to analyze the nutrition and limit yourself. For some people, it is difficult to control their appetite. It is especially about those who used to keep different low-calorie diets. But calorie calculators help to control and monitor what had been eaten. Analyzing your keto diet nutrition for a few days. Then it will be clear whether there is overeating and it is the reason of not losing weight on keto diet.

Not enough fats

There is the opposite situation. A man not losing weight when tries to cut the calories too much. It is a bad idea. People, who want to lose weight, must understand, that keto diet is not just low-carb. It is also a high fat diet. Significant increased fat portions, allows a body to start lipolysis. It begins effectively use its own fat as a “fuel”. In addition, it is important to consume much fat to supply the body with enough energy. If you reduce the amount of carbohydrates to a minimum and do not increase fat intake, you will soon become weak and sluggish.

These are the most popular reasons of not losing weight on keto diet. We hope the article has made the problem and its solutions more clear. In addition, we all should remember that it is necessary to drink a lot of water and do some sport activity. These banal advices work for making either a diet more effective and health better.

how to deal with not losing weight on keto diet

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