Information before starting keto diet. How to get ready for successful loosing weight?

Any diet is a real shock and stress for the body. Especially if it’s your first diet. Therefore, before starting keto diet you need to make some preparation .

Each of us has our own eating habits formed over the years. Perhaps you adhere to family traditions instilled from childhood. Or your diet and meal schedule have changed a lot when you decided to lead a healthy lifestyle. In any case, starting keto diet plunge the body, in a state of stress. As the body was accustomed to the certain system of nutrition, whatever it was. He’s not used to working without carbs. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences, and not to torment neither themselves nor the body, starting keto diet should be made with the right approach.

easy starting keto diet without stress

Visit a doctor

If you are overweight or obese, go to the doctor and do basic medical examinations before starting keto diet.

The point is to find out the diseases for which keto diet is not suitable. Among them are diseases of the kidneys and pancreas. If the test results are good and the doctor gave the go-ahead, it’s time for starting the diet that has helped thousands of people around the world.

Starting keto diet with cleansing body

Do not be lazy to clean your body of toxins before starting keto diet.

A good way would be a short fasting for one or two days. At this time, you may feel weak and lack of energy, so plan this cleansing for the weekend, when you have no responsibilities and important things to do.

In fasting days drink only water, vegetable juices (in small quantities!), coffee, tea and herbal teas. After a couple of days of the cleaning, you can go to the food recommended for keto diet.

fasting before starting keto diet  - keto guide for beginners

If you can not stand fasting or it is prohibited  for you by medical indications, start with the rejection of heavy food. A few days give preference to natural products, give up semi-finished products and canned food, instead of cookies and chocolate eat fruit or homemade cakes. Be sure to drink cleansing herbal teas, such as oats.

Plan your keto menu

When starting keto diet you should not limit yourself in calories. The first 1-2 weeks your task is to wean yourself and your body from carbohydrates. Read about keto adaptation and ways to start a diet here.

After keto adaptation you go directly to weight loss. And here it is necessary to think in advance about your keto menu. The number of dishes that can be prepared is huge! Even when you remove carbohydrates from your diet, you still have a lot of food in your diet.

Look at 2-week keto menu as an example. You will notice how varied the keto meal plan can be. And the dishes are delicious and nourishing, with them you will not starve, which is one of the main advantages of keto diet.

Shopping list for a week

starting keto diet - guide for beginners

Once you have planned keto menu, make sure you have all the ingredients for cooking. It is unlikely that you will have time to go shopping on weekdays. And if there is no allowed on keto products at hand, then there is a high probability of the diet failure.So you do not worry that this is another fashionable diet from which your wallet will lose more weight than your body. In stores, try to choose high-quality meat, vegetable and dairy products.

Basic principles for starting keto diet

For starting keto diet it is important not only to avoid carbs, but also to keep a number of other principles that affect the effectiveness of the diet:

  • Do not eat between meals. The five meals a day offered in the keto meal plan is enough to meet all your nutritional needs.
  • Eliminate sweets from your daily nutrition when starting keto diet. Try to quit not only prohibited sugar cakes, but also  sweeteners, because they do not allow you to get rid of the psychological craving for sweet things.
  • Cook by yourself striating keto diet. Even if visiting restaurants or bars has been an integral part of your daily life, now try to cook on your own. Thanks to this, you will not only better understand what you eat, but also develop new eating habits and culinary skills.
  • Drink plenty of water and other liquids without sugar. The effectiveness of the diet depends not only on what is in the plate, but also on what is in the mug. Drink a large amount of clean water starting keto diet, it cleanses the body from toxins. Keto diet also allowed coffee and tea, but without sugar.

best way for starting keto diet - guide for beginners

What results can we expect starting keto diet?

You will lose weight on the keto diet as much as you need. Ketogenic diet can be used without time limits. And even after you have reached the desired weight, you can eat according to new eating habits. Keto diet is not just a diet, but a healthy nutrition system that can be used almost for the rest of your life.

At the beginning of the diet weight decreases quite quickly, this is due to losing water, as well as the fact that the first kilograms of fat go away easier. After a few weeks on keto diet weight loss will be in average one kilogram per week. Maybe it’s a slow weight loss, but you can be sure the weight will reducing and the kilograms you’ve lost will not return, there will be no yo-yo effect.

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