What to eat on keto diet – allowed products & limits. Full list of friendly and unfriendly products

More and more people nowadays start to keep healthy lifestyle. They do sport and chose a diet in order to improve their health or have their bodies in good shape. And modern nutrition offers people a great variety of diets and systems to help in doing it. One of them is keto diet. One of major benefits is the variety of food to eat on keto, which is really large. That’s why it is gaining more popularity with every day. Now practically everyone at least heard about it. Show-business celebrities actively promote the diet, and fitness bloggers admire allowed keto products. Let’s check the list.

By the way, a lot of people who want to lose weight, choose the diet exactly of the allowed keto products. The list includes many really tasty ones. You even can eat on keto only cakes! This is the reason many people who once start keto then stick to it for months, and many of them even for years. Keeping it in right way for several time, you realise how much cleaner and healthier you have become.

The reason of keto-diet popularity

The reason of the popularity of the keto-diet is that it allows to eat many products that other diets ban. Among allowed keto products such yummy goods as greasy steaks, meat, saveloy, mayonnaise and many other full of fat ones you can eat on keto. All it breaks the established in years perception of a diet as of a severe restriction system associating with starving.

People now understand that carbohydrates are the reason why they are getting fatter, not fats.

grilled meat is allowed to eat on Keto diet

Products to eat on keto diet

As we know, on keto-diet, it is important to keep the level of consumed fats high.  The body uses this nutrient as a main source of energy supply.

A complete list of allowed keto products fone can eat on keto diet is the next:

  1. Meat. Untreated animal products, preferably – organic, grown without hormones. However, excessive consumption of such products can negatively affect your health. That is why so do not misuse. When choosing meat, remember that in saveloy, sausages, meatballs there are added carbohydrates. There should be no more than 5%.
  2. Eggs. Boiled, fried, poached, as an omelet. They are the perfect combination of fat and protein.
  3. Dairy products. Hard cheese, fat cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, buttermilk all of them you can have. In general, dairy products are perfect to eat on keto-diet. Just make sure that they are not low-fat and contain a low amount of carbohydrates.
  4. Fish, seafood. Fat sea products are great for keto-diet. But while preparing it, you should avoid gratin.
  5. Vegetable fats. Sunflower, olive, coconut, canola, flaxseed oil and sauces based on them are allowed. Nuts and seeds help to get the required percentage of fat in the diet.
  6. Low-carb vegetables with a high fiber content, predominantly green. For example, peas, cabbage, zucchini, asparagus.
  7. Drinks. The main rule is the absence of carbohydrates in them. If you want something sweet, you can use various sweeteners. The ideal drinks for keto-diet are: pure water, green or black tea, sugar free coffee. Sometimes you can even have latte without sweeteners, wine, coconut water. But be careful – milk in latte has significant amount carbs!

Limits in allowed keto products

Although all these allowed keto products have few carbs and most of them are rich in fats, pay attention to some products categories. 100 gr of vegetable won’t impede the effect of the diet. But eating 500 gr can provide you with too much carbs.

raw vegetables to eat on Keto-diet

The same thing is about dairy products. They are low-carb, thus they are good to eat on keto. But eating them in big amounts give you too much carbs as a result.

It is necessary to be careful with proteins too, as the excess can make harm to health. And not only that. It also decreases the diet effect, as the protein excess turns into glucose. That disrupts the transition of ketosis and slowing down the process of losing weight.

To make everything as clear as possible, let’s also look at the stop list too. You are NOT to eat them on keto. The list is:

  •  starch-containing ingredients (bread, rice, potatoes)
  • sugar (sweets, pastries, ice cream, marmalade)
  • fruits
  • cereals and pasta
  • sweet drinks, juices, soda

But this list doesn’t infringe on menu’s diversity. You are still allowed to eat many things.

So, you can eat on keto diet all of the products from the first list. And cook varieties of dishes with them. On our site you can find interesting and delicious recipes and choose what is good for you.

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