8 coconut keto products that make keto diet easier

Coconut keto products are characterized by high fat content and high nutritional value. Therefore, it is necessary to use coconut keto products as a useful supplement to a properly made menu of ketogenic diet. For example, coconut flour is used in many low-carbohydrate bakery products. Coconut oil can be used for frying, coconut milk is useful for cooking meals and ketogenic cocktails, and coconut paste is ideal for spreading cakes or keto pancakes. People who can not eat dairy products, because of, for example, lactose intolerance can use coconut milk or coconut cream in their diet.

What coconut keto products to choose

Coconut organic products are the most valuable. Of course now this kind of products can be bought almost anywhere, but really useful will only be products of organic origin. Althoug coconut keto products are quite expensive, but the prices are generally falling down, because of the products growing popularity and expanding supply in stores. 

how to choose coconut keto products

It also makes sense to buy coconut keto products in large quantities. So it turns out much cheaper. Coconut products can be used in all cooking, so they are consumed very quickly before they go bad. So you can not worry that the money will be wasted, such “wholesale” purchases is a good idea.

More and more people appreciate the nutritional value of coconut keto products. Their diversity is great. Manufacturers meet the requirements of buyers, and the list of coconut keto products is constantly growing. Below you will find information about what coconut keto products are currently in the markets and how to use them on the keto diet.

Coconut oil

coconut oil among coconut keto products

Coconut oil can be used in the daily diet. The best coconut oil is cold-pressed and has the creamy and sheer texture. The taste of coconut oil is mild and can be added to sweet and spicy keto dishes. The smell of coconut oil is quite strong, so it can also be used to add flavor for the dish or drink. Add coconut oil to your coffee to make bulletproof coffee. This will enhance the effect of the diet and give the drink an unusual flavor.

Coconut flour

coconut flour among coconut keto products

Of all the available low-carb flour, coconut flour is the most commonly used flour. The taste and texture of coconut flour make it ideal for low-carb baking recipes. It fully satisfies hunger and stabilizes blood sugar level. Coconut flour, naturally, has a low content of digestible carbohydrates and does not contain gluten. When buying coconut flour, however, you should pay attention to the content of carbohydrates and fats. Some coconut flours contain more carbohydrates. There are even fat-free options that are not suitable for keto diet.

Coconut paste

coconut paste among coconut keto products


Coconut butter is a product made from grinded coconut flakes. This is a coconut gourmet product that you can make yourself at home. All you need is to grind coconut chips or flakes like the nuts for the peanut butter.

Coconut butter is rich with MCT and is an extremely versatile ingredient in ketogenic cuisine. You can add it to the cocktails, keto ice cream or spread on keto pancakes or crepes.

Coconut milk

coconut milk among coconut keto products

Coconut milk has a very rich taste. It is made by pressing fresh coconut pulp. Coconut milk now can be bought in ordinary stores. They are sold in banks or boxes of different sizes, which is very convenient and allows you to always have at hand a keto snack, even if you are not at home. Its shelf life is quite large. In addition, after opening the jar or the box remains can be frozen. Coconut milk is widely used in the kitchen for cooking different keto dishes, desserts, and as a standalone product or additive in coffee and tea. 

Coconut water

coconut water among coconut keto products

Coconut water is a drink that is made from young, still green palm fruits (in contrast to coconut milk, which is made by extracting fat from the pulp).  In general, the list of its advantages is quite long. It is proven that regular drinking coconut water accelerates metabolism and is good to maintain health and well-being. And this is very important for any diet. 

Although coconut water is rarely used in cooking, it is still indispensable, including the keto diet. Coconut water can be a dessert, and it can also be used as a good alternative for those who are used to sweet drinks and sodas, which are excluded on the keto diet.

Coconut cream

coconut cream among coconut keto products


If you like coffee with cream, you should add coconut cream. Coconut cream is much more fatty than coconut milk. It have almost the same properties as usual cream. Therefore, they can also be whipped and used for desserts, especially if someone does not tolerate lactose.

Coconut flakes

coconut flakes among coconut keto products

Coconut flakes are dried coconut shavings. They are naturally a bit sweet themselves. But you can also find in stores this coconut keto product, with added sugar, which of course should be avoided during the keto diet. 

Coconut flakes are ideal for baking. You should also add them to homemade muesli or sprinkle on a delicious keto dessert.

Coconut chips

coconut chips among coconut keto products

Coconut chips – incredibly crispy keto snack, loved by many fans of coconut taste. Naturally you can buy and fried coconut chips, they will be more fat. That is prescribed tp be good on keto diet.

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