Agar agar is keto friendly. Or not?– There is a better option

Most people consider agar agar is keto friendly, probably, you’ve tried some recipes with it. Diving into diets and nutrition inevitably leads to studying the variety of superfoods and healthy products. One can’t pass away Ayurveda field as a part of incredible and magic world of cooking. And agar agar is a popular good of that world. Examining its label one can notice it is full of carbs and comprises no fat. But for some reasons agar agar on keto is still used by a lot of people. You can do it as well. Agar agar is keto friendly, if you know the limits.

What is agar agar in a word?

According to Wikipedia the product is the thing that helps you to make jelly substances. It mainly consists of agarose and heterogeneous mixture. It is also used to make batter more elastic, turn keto dough texture to more pastry. You sure should add it while cooking if craving for some buns or soft comfort cakes.

Agar agar in measured for keto recipes with a spoon.


Sounds good, right? Like someone told you’re going to lose weight if eat bread and cakes. Doesn’t it the way a girl’s dream sounds like? If the girl is me – definitely, and I’m sure I’m not alone. But as we know agar agar on keto is not the best product since it gives a lot of carbs. Information on the internet differs a lot. Some websites tell us there’s 7 gr of carbohydrates per 3 oz, some warn of the 70 gr. And it’s not a case of controversial fibers. I tend to share the second opinion, it seems truer.

Does it mean agar agar on keto is prohibited? No. You still can use it. After all there is an array of recopies, do not devalue their existence😄The thing is you don’t need much of it to have a great desert (or whatever you want to cook). As a rule, you need no more than 1 oz or even less for the whole dish. And you are not to swallow it all at a time. It means agar agar is keto friendly while you count carbs consumption.


But for me, when it comes to cooking, gelatin is better. Don’t know, just feel more relative. Maybe it’s because gelatin comes out of processing wild animal products, which are preferable on keto. At least more preferable than sea weed consisting of carbs with no fats.

Gelatin has the same properties. It makes dough elastic and helps jelly to keep its form. The only weak point is high temperature. Unlike agar agar, gelatin’s characteristics as of a jelly-like product decrease under boiling water. It’s not a problem if you keep the instructions. Apart from it, the statement stays the same – gelatin make you dessert better with no additional carbs.

Agar agar is dissolving in a bowl with water&

Don’t consider gelatin as a reason to break bad. It has no carbs, but it has no fats either. What it comprises is protein. The diet rules tell as to be strict with the nutrient consumption as in case of cabs, because they are no better on keto. Although proteins are allowed in bigger number, which is one more reason to chose gelatin instead of the plant-based jelly-maker. Still, agar agar is keto friendly, so feel free to use it, but keep the limits.

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