MCT oil on keto diet – the most effective tool to burn fat

MCT oil is very popular among athletes and those who prefere sports nutrition. But it can also be effectively used in the fight of burning fat. That has a great meaning on a diet. And taking MCT oil on keto diet can significantly improve results and get closer to the desirable effect with less time. So, let’s see what it is and how to eat.

At the molecular level, MCT oil differs a lot from usual types of fat such as butter, margarine or vegetable oil. Most of the fat consumed by people consists of long chains — from 13 to 21 atoms. Unlike them MCT oil has medium-chain triglycerides. That is why it is called this way, it is the abbreviation. MCT are directly processed by the liver. And as short the carbon chain is, the fast and easy the process is going. After it, they are consumed as a energy supply source or converted into ketones. Ketones in their turn also supply the organism with energy and the can be used instead of glucose by brain.

Advantages of MCT oil on keto diet

how to use mct oil on keto diet

MCT oil has many advantages like prevention of atherosclerosis, decreasing blood cholesterol, decreasing blood glucose. Also, it acts as an antioxidant and can be useful to treatment of lipid metabolism disorders.

But what about advantages of MCT oil on keto diet. What can it do exactly for losing weight?

As it has been already said, MCT on keto diet metabolized as fuel instead of being saved as fat. So, you won’t gain fat mass with it.

MCT has about 10% less calories than LCT (1 gram MS corresponds to about 8.3 calories, while 1 gram LST contains about 9 calories).

There is proved positive effect of MCT oils on keto diet on appetite control. Six volunteers were offered one of the three diets. They are with low, average and high MCT oil containing. Those who keep a high MCT diet, eat significantly less calories. That allowed scientists to conclude that replacement of other fats in favor of the MCT oil on keto diet can reduce excessive calorie intake.

Where to get MCT oil

There are variety of products where the medium-chain triglycerides can be found. But the MCT amount percentage is different in them.

Although MCT can be found in dairy products as well, its amount there is too small. Cow’s milk and butter contain only 10% of medium chain fats. Goat’s milk has bigger amount of MCT which is 20%, but its sеill not enough. Besides goat’s dairy is hard to get.

What about meat, there are only 0.13%, and in chicken breast — up to 0.6%, so it’s not the solution either.

Absolute leaders that are good to get MCT are coconut oil which contains 63% and palm kernel oil – 55%. Their products like milk, cream or pulp also provide with some MCT, but in different amount which is less of course.

mct oil on keto diet vs coconut oil

But even coconut oil can’t be used as a full replacement of MCT oil that is used by professional sportsmen or diet keepers. Because MCT sold in liquid form and in capsules, contain ONLY MCT. And the difference with coconut contain percentage is significant.

Besides, the big part of MCT in coconut oil is lauric acid. It contains 12 carbon atoms and it is the up line of considering the oil as MCT. Some experts claim it is even closer to the “normal” long-chain triglycerides. So, coconut oil can complement the MCT oil, but does not serve as its full analogue.

To get MCT from coconut or palm kernel oil there are Caprylic (8) and capric (10) acid extracted. These is how MCT oil made.

How to take MCT oil on keto diet

100 % pure mct oil on keto diet

Quality oil can not have any unpleasant smell or taste. It can be added directly from the jar to any products.

It is best to take MCT on keto diet in the liquid form, known as “MCT Oil”. Ordinary people, who do not perform heavy physical work, are recommended to consume one to three spoons. Athletes – up to four tablespoons of MCT.

If you use palm kernel  or coconut oil it’s better to choose unrefined oil of cold pressing. You can take one tablespoon of coconut oil before meals or make keto-coffee. But take no more than three tablespoons of oil a day.

MCT oil on keto diet can be used as a bio-additive as well. But the according to experience it is better to gradually replace all fats with medium-chain tryglicerides.

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