Top 7 best low carb salad that are easy to prepare – week keto menu

Keto salad can be a good addition to your dinner or to be a dinner itself. Therefore we offer recipes of both light and nourishing ones.

Light chicken salads

Let’s start from the classic light chicken keto salad recipes. They are known all over the world and are perfect for the diet themselves. Besides, because of the perfect proportions that make ingredients be combined in the best way, these recipes have recognition of many people.

Greek salad

greek salad chicken keto salad recipes


  • Chicken 400 gr
  • Feta (or other pickled cheese) 150 gr
  • Cucumbers 1 PC
  • Tomatoes 2 PCs
  • Olives 100 gr
  • Onions 1 PC
  • Lettuce 5 leaves
  • Olive oil 5 tbsps
  • White wine vinegar 2 tbsps
  • Salt

Dry oregano to taste if you want to make the keto salad more fragrant, but it is not the must-added thing as we have promised easy recipes with regular ingredients.


Prepare the products for the salad, wash them. Boil the chicken (or you can buy ready-made fillet, that save you time and make the recipe even easier). Then cool it. Peel the onions. Take out the olives from the brine.

Cut the vegetables and the chicken in medium bits and tear the lettuce leaves into pieces. Cut into large cubes the feta cheese.

Prepare the dressing. Whipping olive oil with salt, white wine vinegar, dried oregano. There you can chop finely a sprig of fresh oregano.

All the keto salad ingredients put in a bowl and pour dressing and mix it.

Caesar salad

chicken keto salad recipes


  • Pieces of toast bread or croutons (taking in account that it is keto recipe, you can make it of the keto bread or use the regular croutons and count the carbs and according to the carbs day-amount which you keep)
  • Chicken 300 gr
  • Lettuce 5 leaves
  • Parmesan 75 gr
  • Cherry tomatoes 150 gr
  • Lemons for pouring
  • Salt and ground black pepper
  • Olive oil 2 tbsps
  • Mayonnaise (or you can use the special Caesar sause) 4 tbsps


Cut the chicken into pieces. Put them in a bowl and add lemon juice (1 tbsp approx.), then chicken spices or salt and pepper go there. Leave the chicken to marinate for some time.

Prepare the lettuce. It should be washed and dried. Then tear it into pieces.

Tomatoes are also should be washed and quartered.

Сut the bread into small pieces if you’ve chose this way of making croutons. In a frying pan heat the olive oil, put the bread pieces and fry on both sides until golden brown.

Then fry the chicken quickly and over high heat. So it will remain juicy. A minute on each side is sufficient if the fire is strong.

chicken keto salad recipes

Put the chicken to cool.

Mix the ingredients in the keto salad. The first is a pillow of lettuce leaves. Next is chicken, and tomatoes are above.

Then generously drizzle with Caesar dressing, which are mayonnaise or the special sauce. Sprinkle this with a pinch of grated Parmesan and a little of lemon juice. Next go croutons.

Garnish the salad with cherry tomatoes. If it’s necessary add the ground black pepper and salt.

chicken keto salad recipes

Tomato-cheese salad

tomato cheese chicken keto salad recipe


  • Chicken 700 gr
  • Tomatoes 4 PCs
  • Hard cheese 100 grm
  • Onions 1 PC
  • Mustard 2 tbsps
  • Ground black pepper or/and paprika 1 teaspn
  • Salt
  • Balsamic vinegar – 1 tbsp


Wash the chicken and cut it into large pieces, “coat” with mustard, salt and pepper. Then fry it until tender. Once again – with buying the ready chicken the cooking is easier.

Cut tomatoes into slices and onions into half rings. Add the chicken to the mix.

Pour the salad with balsamic vinegar, add salt, pepper and stir.

You can decorate the keto salad with greens.

Nourishing salads

Simple keto salad recipes, tasty and filling, which are good for every day.

Ham salad

ham chicken keto salad recipe

  • Chicken 150 gr
  • Ham 150 gr
  • Eggs 2 PCs
  • Hard cheese 100 gr
  • Tomatoes 1 PC
  • Cucumbers 1 PC
  • Lettuce 4 leaves
  • Garlic 1 cloves
  • Mayonnaise 6 tbsps
  • Mustard 0.5 tbsp
  • Salt
  • Pepper


It is as simple as possible. Put the eggs to boil. While it, make a lay of the lettuce in a salad bowl. All the other ingredients we need to cut into small thin strips. Or some of them can be grated, for example, cucumbers and cheese. Boiled eggs can also be grated. Now put them in separate layers in the keto salad bowl. Among the layers use the mayonnaise.

Mushroom salad

mushroom chicken keto salad recipe


  • Smoked chicken 300 gr
  • Eggs 4 PCs
  • Marinated mushrooms 250 gr
  • Red currant 20 gr (or a handful)
  • Cucumbers 2 PCs
  • Onions 1 PC
  • Green onions 25 gr
  • Mayonnaise 200 gr
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper


Mushrooms wash thoroughly, discard in a colander and give the liquid to drain.

Boil the eggs, then cool and clean.

Cut the mushrooms and onions.

mushroom chicken keto salad recipe mushroom chicken keto salad recipe

Then fry them in vegetable oil until soft.

Wash the green and the vegetables. Fresh cucumber cut into strips thinly, chop the greens.

Eggs and smoked chicken cut into strips.

Spread the layers of the ingredients of the future salad on the dish. It’s better to take a deep pot. Use following order: chicken, cucumber, mushrooms with onions, green and finally eggs. Don’t forget to put mayonnaise, salt and pepper between the layers.

mushroom chicken keto salad recipe

Decorate the keto salad with chopped green onions, berries. A little cool in the refrigerator, so the salad is even tastier.

Omelette salad

omlette salad chicken keto salad recipe



  • Eggs 2 PCs
  • Milk 20 ml
  • Butter 1 tbsp
  • Onion 1 PC
  • Chicken 400 gr
  • Tomato – 2 PC
  • Mayonnaise 50 gr
  • Vinegar 2 tbsps
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Beat the eggs in a bowl, add milk, salt and mix well.

In a pan, melt the butter and fry the omelette on both sides like a pancake.

omelette salad chicken keto salad recipe

Cool the omelette and cut it into strips.

Onions cut into half rings and soak in vinegar, diluted in half with water. Tomato also should be washed and cut.

Chicken cut into pieces fry in a pan until tender, trying not to overdry them.

In the salad bowl put the chicken, omelette and onions.

Finely chopped the green and add it, salt and pepper. Finish the preparation of the keto salad with mayonnaise.


One more keto salad with mushrooms, but not marinated this time.

fantasy mushroom chicken salad keto recipe


  • Chicken 300 gr
  • Eggs 4 PCs
  • Mushrooms 300 gr
  • Onions 1 PCs
  • Hard cheese 200 gr
  • Mayonnaise 250 gr
  • Vegetable oil 50 gr (3 tbsbs)
  • Dill
  • Salt and pepper


Boil or stew the chicken and after cool cut it. Eggs also should be boiled and cut.

Thoroughly wash the mushrooms. Mushrooms cut into large pieces. On dry preheated pan mushrooms and evaporate excess of water from them. Then put it in a plate.

Peel and cut the onions into half rings. Then fry onions in vegetable oil in the same pan where the mushrooms were fried. Add dry mushrooms to the onions and fry them together, stirring sometimes. At the end add salt and pepper.

mushroom chicken keto salad recipe

While the mushrooms and onions are cooling, grate the eggs and cheese.

Cut the chicken into medium cubes.

Now uploaded keto salad layers: half of the chicken – mayonnaise – half of eggs – mayonnaise – half of cheese – all mushrooms – mayonnaise. Then repeat the layers, laying out the remaining products: fillet – mayonnaise – eggs – mayonnaise.

mushroom chicken keto salad recipe

Then sprinkle with the remaining cheese and dill.

Decorate the keto salad in any way you like to make the “fantasy” completed. Put it in the refrigerator for a few hours to get well soaked.

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